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Do you ever get a little envious when you scroll through Pinterest and see someone’s beautifully made bed, covered in throw pillows and crocheted blankets, looking fit to be featured on the cover of a home decor magazine? While making your bed is a chore you’ve probably done since childhood, social media has turned bed styling into a whole new art form. Fortunately, layering a bed stylishly is easier than it looks. Just follow these seven easy steps. 

Let’s face it, with no one else likely to see your room on an everyday basis, making the bed can be a chore often left undone, or thrown together in a rush. 

But making your bed doesn’t have to be extravagant nor rob your morning routine in order to look beautifully set and styled. There is something so satisfying and welcoming about climbing into a well-made cozy bed after a long hard day. 

So we invite you to revisit seven bed-linen staples with us and learn how to elevate your bedroom scene with simple and thoughtful assembly. 

Spending that extra minute or two to put together a stylish and comfortable bed that encompasses layers, textures, and beautiful details, can look and feel like the pros and set the tone of your whole room. 

Relax and settle in for a beautiful night’s rest!



Select soft, breathable sheets and once you find a set you love, purchase a back-up for laundry days. Cotton and linen neutrals offer great versatility—a solid foundation for colors, prints, and patterns. Use hospital folded corners neatly tucked under the mattress for a clean look. Then be sure to lay the flat sheet in reverse so that the finished side will be exposed when folded back over your bedding layers—plus, you’ll want the softest side up against you for the coziest sleep.



Layers are key to styling an inviting and comfortable bed. A quilt introduces texture and pattern or color, and can be easily swapped out for seasonal adjustments. To save time, simply tuck the quilt under right along with the top sheet as though it were one connected piece. Be sure to draw the quilt all the way up to the headboard. This will give your bed a finished look without your sheets being exposed.



Top your quilt with a comforter or duvet. You can get creative with patterns and colors here, especially if you’ve opted for a neutral or solid quilt, or reserve the pops of color and print for your pillows. Duvets offer a bit more versatility than comforters, both in weight and style, but try selecting one with tie or zipper closer as buttoned versions don’t hold up well to everyday use. You can tri-fold, bi-fold, or just barely fold the top down but our favorite trick is to fold the duvet in half then pull the top portion back into thirds to expose your layers and make room for pillows. Either sleep under the quilt and duvet if it’s cold, or draw the duvet down to the foot of the bed during warmer months.



Utilize the cases in your sheet set for everyday pillow use. Try laying these flat on top of the quilt, up against the headboard and stack if you opt for two on each side. This gives a nice place for shams to lean against while keeping them hidden.



Match your large euro shams to the duvet/comforter and prop against everyday pillows. These add height and coziness to your bedscape. Place euros in the center, leaving any noticeable space for the outside. As a good rule of thumb, use two shams for twins and queens, and three for a king-size bed.



How many accent pillows you finish with is up to you! Try a variety of arrangements between standard shams and throws. Play with textures and patterns, drawing in pops of embroidery or color, ruffled frayed fringes, or even shape. Even one long lumbar in front can add interest and sophistication, especially on a king bed.



Final touches can draw an entire space together. For the bed, a draped throw at the foot adds that perfect finish, helping you pull together your color scheme and add some gorgeous texture. Throws and bed runners help preserve your duvet and add another textile layer for warmth and coziness. They are particularly helpful in breaking up the expanse of a king bed. Drape straight across the end of the bed or casually set at a slight angle for extra visual appeal.


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