DIY Heart Pillow Valentine's Day

In the middle of February, when Valentine’s Day saunters in, our culture fixates on the love between significant others. Men purchase flowers, women scour the internet for the perfect gift (like our DIY Heart Pillow!), and those without a sweetheart often feel the need to distract themselves from the ever-present romance on the 14th.

But a sometimes-forgotten love story—the most important love story—is the one between the Father and each of His children.


1 John chapter 4 details God as the origin of love, the epitome of love, and the sustainer of love:

God is the source of love: “Dear friend, let us love one another for love comes from God” (4:7).

God is the epitome of love: “This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through Him” (4:9).

God is the sustainer of love: “And so we know and rely on the love God has for us” (4:16).

So love need not be reduced to one relationship nor one holiday. We can celebrate God’s love year-round!


This simple DIY Heart Pillow works for the festivity of February, but can also reside in your home throughout the year as a reminder of God’s ever-present love.

Fabric and Sewing Notions

-A variety of fabrics plus 1/2 yard of your neutral background fabric (the variety can be “fat quarter” size or scraps in contrasting colors)

-Sewing essentials: thread that matches your neutral fabric, pins, scissors, a tape measure, and to execute the project the quickest, a sewing machine (but you can absolutely hand-stitch if you choose)

-Your chosen embellishments such as buttons and ribbon

-1 sheet of paper

-Fiberfill / pillow stuffing (not pictured). A 20 oz. bag of fiberfill will be more than enough for one pillow

DIY Heart Pillow

1. Measure out 2 square pieces of the neutral fabric for the front and back of the pillow: 16” x 16” makes for a nice size.

2. Take a square piece of paper (around 6” x 6”), fold it in half, and cut out half a heart that will unfold into a symmetrical heart.

3. Use the paper heart to cut out 4 fabric hearts in your selection of contrasting fabrics.

Heart Pillow Instructions

4. Pin the fabric hearts to one of the neutral 16” x 16” squares (making it the front of the pillow).

5. Sew on the hearts with a complimentary thread color. Once secured, feel free to fray the edges of some of your hearts if your fabric allows.

6. Add your desired embellishments to 2 of the hearts with a few simple hand stitches. I chose a button on one and ribbon on another, but flex your creativity here!

7. Once the front of your pillow has the completed hearts, pin your 2 large neutral squares together in an inside-out formation (leave around a 5” gap to pull the pillow cover right-side out after sewing). Use about ½’’ seam allowance in sewing.

8. Turned right-side out, stuff your pillowcase full of the fiberfill through the 5” gap. Once the pillow is to your desired fullness, pin and and hand stitch the opening shut.

Heart Pillow

Come Valentine’s Day, whether you are snuggled in front of a movie with your spouse or spending it alone, remember that we are all equally loved with the greatest love imaginable—God’s.

Let this DIY Heart Pillow be a tangible reminder of this beautiful reality that is ours in Christ.

Beautiful photos by Loralie Hoffort | @highwoodroad

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