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A quarterly lifestyle print publication. Heart & Home Inspiration for Christian Women seeking the JOY found by inviting JESUS into our everyday lives.
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Books & Planners

The Bible Study Workbook

The Bible Study Workbook is a biblical literacy tool designed to help you become an independent student of the Word. Learn how to critically think, attentively read, and see Jesus within the text.

The Joyful Life

The Joyful Life is a quarterly collectible lifestyle magazine full of Heart & Home Inspiration for Christian Women. Our mission is to inspire women to pursue joy and discover beauty in their daily lives by grounding their hearts in Christ, leading them to live and love well—for the purpose of glorifying God.

Marsha Apsley

This devotional will lead you through 40 days of building your healthy life on a foundation of faith. Daily you’ll be setting your focus on your Creator and will start to see yourself the way that He does. It’s a perfect gift for yourself or for a friend.

Wendi Lou Lee's Prairie Shop

Wendi Lou Lee’s Prairie Shop is for the ultimate Little House on the Prairie fan. Pick up a copy of A Prairie Devotional, wagon and prairie doll ornaments, or autographed photos from Wendi’s time on the set playing the role of Baby Grace.


Handmade leather goods to inspire women seeking Christ in their everyday lives. I design and make each product myself, with intention to not only create beautiful and functional pieces, but tie in a little bit of Gods truth in each one.

The Uncommon Normal

Looking for a life-giving and transformational stocking stuffer? Cultivating a Missional Life is a pocket-sized devotional that will make actually building friendships with neighbors doable. The 30 bite-sized devotions are a gentle call to notice, value, and connect with your neighbors in meaningful ways. Group study questions are included.

The Slow Artisan
The Artisan Pace is a coloring book devotional, filled with a beautiful collection of short stories and artwork that tell about the healing, growth, and rest that comes with slowing down your life. Through reading and coloring through this devotional, you’ll learn to walk in your God-given, artisan pace.
The Creative Farm Girl

The Creative Farm Girl plants seeds of inspiration in every paper product she creates. All words and pictures are original, though she is often influenced by a Bible verse or wise friend. Her cards inevitably turn into keepsakes, displayed on easels, dressers, and in frames for seasons to come.

Emily Ryan

After failing with one-year schedules, I created a plan that embraces progress over protection. This durable, old-school checklist is printed on heavy laminated card stock so you can slip it into your Bible, track your progress, and use it for as long as it takes. Flexible. Do-able. Completely guilt-free.

Contemplate the Bible Magazine

The Bible, one book at a time, in magazine format with captivating photography designed to draw you into the Word of God; a place to retreat from the busyness of life and to contemplate the scriptures. Makes a beautiful gift for the mature Christian or the seeker.


Imagine capturing the life story of someone you love in their own voice. Audiobiography is a prompted life history journal that records answers in audio and shares them for free as a private podcast. Easier and more authentic than writing. Handcrafted wood and leather. Unlimited recording. Beautifully designed.

This Life We Share

“This Life We Share” is a woman’s guide to living well with God and others—from the inner journey of dealing with emotions to the daily choices we make to principles for parenting, managing relationships, and aging. This beautiful hardcover offers biblical hope and wisdom for every season of life.

Brooke Frick

Hands Full is a 30-day devotional for moms who need to know they are not alone in the chaos, that the struggle is real, and so is the ever-present help of our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. With his grace, we can empty these full hands into his.

Redefining Family Wealth

In the hustle of every day life, long to-do lists and constant distraction, it can be challenging to turn your ideas into meaningful action. Redefining Family Wealth helps you explore “next steps” for your family’s financial future without compromising your Christian values.

Kelly O Stanley Design

I’m a graphic designer who writes—or is it a writer who also designs? Full of faith and full of doubt, I love to create products and resources—like prayer prompt calendars, card sets, journals, notepads, and more—that combine creativity, faith, and prayer. Oh, and color (definitely lots of color).

Brittany L. Bergman

Expecting Wonder: The Transformative Experience of Becoming a Mother is a heart-level guidebook for expecting moms. Brittany shares stories of wrestling with fear, learning to trust God’s goodness, and making space for her changing identity, offering readers a picture of the miracle God is working in their souls.


Can you walk by faith amidst uncertainty? In SIGNIFICANT, learn to:
-Live tenaciously when you feel like giving up.
-Worship, not worry when life throws you curveballs.
-Ditch surface living, cultivating deep trust in God.

Walk alongside real women through their trials and triumphs, becoming a woman of significance.

J Likes To Go

Janet’s love of travel, photography, and writing all combine as she creates products to share the sights she has seen and the words she has found. Inspired by the beauty she sees in this world, it gives her great joy in sharing this work with others.

Gingham Apron

The Gathering Table follows a family through a year of gatherings that strengthen relationships, establish traditions, and showcase God’s gift of great food. With complete menus, devotional readings, prayers, and inspiring ideas for everything from family gatherings to larger events, this book will become your go-to resource for enjoying life–together!


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