I have to admit, winter has never been my favorite season. Of course, the holidays are fun, but the day-to-day of the cold winter months tends to weigh on me. I’m usually more of a sunshine and warm weather kinda gal. However, over the past few years, God has been working in my heart to change my perspective. I’ve stopped dreading winter and instead I’ve started embracing all it has to offer.

I’ve learned there is a special, quiet beauty that is ushered in with winter. It’s a season for slowing down and finding comfort in simple joys like good food, a warm fire, and an inviting home that serves as a refuge from the cold. I love the way winter pulls us indoors and encourages us to take on a less hurried pace. And winter—more than any other season—is when I want my home to feel cozy and warm.

Here are seven quick and easy tips that can go a long way toward cozying up your home for winter:

1. Pillows & Throws

One of the best and quickest ways to make any space feel cozy is to add lots of fluffy pillows and throw blankets. Pillows are like magic—they instantly make a room feel more inviting. Down-filled pillows and throw blankets with plenty of texture are my favorites to incorporate. Throws add an extra layer of warmth and coziness that will serve as a comfort all winter long. Try draping a quilted blanket over your favorite chair or the back of your sofa—it will instantly create a cozy vibe!

2. Candles

One of the simplest comforts of winter is the snug feeling immediately created by lighting a candle. It’s such an affordable way to warm up the atmosphere of your home when the temperatures start to drop. It’s almost like a form of self-care too—the flickering light and soothing aroma instantly bring me joy on a cold dark night. I always have a candle or two burning in the winter months.

3. Wicker Baskets

Another key to coziness is incorporating a variety of texture throughout your home and one of my favorite ways to do that is with wicker baskets! They come in all shapes and sizes, so there really is a basket for just about any space. Plus, they serve a dual purpose: storage and décor! I love using larger ones in the living room or at the end of the bed for storing things like throw blankets and extra pillows. They also work well for creative toy storage. In addition to baskets, wicker trays are a great option as a base for coffee table décor or a fun centerpiece on the dining table. Wicker provides a multitude of options for inviting texture and warmth into any space.

4. Greenery

Whether real or faux, greenery brings so much life to any room. A few potted plants and a faux tree tucked in the corner can do wonders for a space—instantly making it feel welcoming. And it doesn’t have to cost much! Most small potted plants can be purchased for less than ten dollars, but they can make a big impact in any room in your home: kitchen, living room, dining room, even the bathroom! Greenery complements any and all décor styles, so you really can’t go wrong. Grab yourself a plant or two and see how they immediately breathe a delightful energy into your space—a touch of life to combat the dreariness outside!

5. Layers

Layers, layers, and more layers! The more you have, the cozier your home will feel. Area rugs are one great way to incorporate layers into a space. If a room is feeling barren or cold, start by adding a large area rug and bring in additional layers from there. Neutral rugs make for a great base layer because they allow you to add in color through accessories like pillows and décor. Another great way to add layers, as well as texture, is by hanging curtains or textile wall tapestries.

6. Reading Nook

Every home needs one charming spot that is so inviting it just beckons you to come and sit for a while. Especially during the cold months of winter, I love taking time to intentionally create a peaceful spot in our home that’s just for me. A spot where I can curl up with a good book or cherish some moments of solitude early in the morning to pray. Most of the time you can create this space with furniture you already have on hand—just pick a quiet corner in your home (perhaps in a space you rarely use) and add a soft chair, lush blankets, and a little side table. It only takes a few minutes to do, but that warm spot will be a treasured reprieve throughout the cold winter months!

7. Atmosphere of Peace

Typically we think of spring as the time to declutter our homes, but winter is just as great a season to simplify. I love clearing out all the extra “stuff” after the holidays to allow our home to breathe a little. I’ve found that the more simplified and organized our home is, the more peaceful and calm the atmosphere feels. If a room in your home doesn’t feel cozy or inviting, take a deliberate look around to see if there is any extra clutter or décor that could be removed completely or would be better used somewhere else. It’s amazing how significantly more peaceful a room can feel when the décor is simplified!

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  1. Your heart and mine I so similar!! I set out to make my home reflect peace and tranquility, welcome from the outside noise. Throw pillows, throws, book book, window benches all of it and I have intentionally placed words of affirmation and God’s goodness in every room. I love my home. I even added my sweet kitty Feyre, white fluffy with a blue and green eye. Her presence has been a warm answer to a quiet companion while I write, read, or share a meal or coffee with others. Thank you for this. I love it!

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