There are so many things clamoring for our attention and time, making it hard to know the best ways to wisely invest these precious commodities. ‘Girl Time’ may sound overindulgent, or something more easily put-off for another time. But this particular investment of time can be a beautifully rich way to cultivate deep and lasting friendships.

Planning a monthly or quarterly girls night is such fun and there are so many options for things to do. My sister and I started a monthly girls night with friends that has changed and expanded through our various seasons of life. With diverse interests and budgets, we try to schedule a wide assortment of activities and balance both going out and staying in.

So grab your calendar and friends, and make some intentional plans to invest in time together! Here are some of the fun and unique ways we have done girl time together (plus some bonus ideas in our queue that we can’t wait to try):

Afternoon Tea | Have a variety of teas so there’s something for everyone. Use sugar cubes or colored sugar and have cream available. Invite everyone to bring a finger food or dessert to share. My sister made it extra special by using beautiful mismatched teacups and saucers she collected from thrift stores.

Game Night | For game night, we ask everyone to bring an appetizer or drink to share, as well as their favorite games. If you don’t like board games, you can try something like charades or Bunco.

Food Crawl | We visited our local outdoor mall for this one. We had drinks and appetizers at Bitto Bistro, a wine and cheese bar. We ate our main meal at a favorite chain, The Rusty Bucket; most of us shared an entree. Then, we walked to The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for dessert. We burned calories and enjoyed conversation by walking to each location.

Goal Setting/Planner Party | Everyone brings planners, pens, and stickers to work on their calendars for the year. This is also a great opportunity to get coffee dates and girls’ nights planned. For those who like to use their phone calendars, they can bring magazines, glue, and poster board to make a vision board for the year instead.

Chocolate Tasting Party | Everyone brings a chocolate drink or dish to share. Some fun examples include chocolate wine, chocolate cheese (sold by Hickory Farms), chocolate fondue, chocolate hummus, or chocolates from other countries which can be found in the international section of your local grocer or in places like World Market.

Escape Room | This idea is limited by how many can participate, but you can break into groups if necessary. Be sure to call ahead in case a reservation is needed.

Bingo Night | Purchase some fun prizes for the winners like gift cards, body wash, or coffee mugs. Take turns being the caller; for extra fun, consider challenging everyone to call numbers using an accent.

Favorite Things’ Party | Pick a theme like beauty products, foods, recipes, etc. Ask each gal to bring enough samples of their favorite product for everyone, and be prepared to share why it’s their favorite.

Getaway Weekend | One benefit of planning ahead for girl time is for doing activities like this. It gives everyone a chance to save, find childcare if necessary, and have something to look forward to. You could even have a girls’ night dedicated just to planning your getaway trip!

Ice Cream Tasting | If you have a large group, instead of having everyone bring ice cream, you could have a signup sheet with bowls, spoons, toppings, and drinks. You could also make homemade ice cream together instead of purchasing.

Freezer Meal Day | Pick three to five meals and then have each person buy ingredients for the meals they want to make. Don’t forget foil pans, gallon freezer bags or disposable containers. This can take several hours to complete but is well worth the effort in the long-run—particularly when preparing for a new school year or change in season.

Spa Night | Gather at a local spa or even host spa night at home. If you choose to stay home, you can get foot baths and give each other pedicures or have someone who sells beauty products in your group (Avon, Mary Kay, Arbonne) lead everyone in doing facials.

Pumpkin-Flavor Party | Similar to the chocolate tasting, have everyone bring something pumpkin flavored to share. This is especially enjoyable in the fall, with vibrant-colored leaves decorating the table.

Homemade Gifts’ Night | Scour Pinterest or craft magazines and decide on a few homemade gifts your group would like to try. Divide up the needed supplies so everyone has something to bring, and gather together to create. Some fun ideas might be bath salts, cookies in a jar, or homemade vanilla.

Cookie Exchange | Have everyone bring a half-dozen cookies wrapped separately for each participant. You’ll each walk away with the same amount you brought, but a delicious variety! You could even include other desserts such as cupcakes, caramel corn, or sweetbreads (like banana or cherry nut.) This is particularly fun around the holidays; consider sharing some of your sweet haul with neighbors.

Encourage Each Other’s Talents | At one of our girls’ nights, my mom invited a Thai friend to come and teach us how to make Pad Thai. We all chipped in to purchase the ingredients and she made printed copies of the recipe so we could recreate it at home for our families.

My cousin who loves gardening taught us tips and secrets for making our gardens beautiful. One spring night together, she brought us each a pot to decorate and flowers to plant in them. She taught us how to make a natural bug spray with essential oils and a safe fertilizer. It was fun seeing them both shine as they shared what they know and love!

A few other unique ideas for girl time are to: host a book club; start a dinner club; do a monthly meal together (just girls or families); host holiday craft nights; have a wine and cheese night; start a quilting or sewing club; gather your girls and get healthy together—exercising and planning meals; go bowling; help each other decorate; host a paint party; organize or do cleaning projects; volunteer together; train to do a 5K or even a marathon.

The purpose of girl time is to connect with others, enjoy life together, and know you don’t have to walk this journey alone. Remember it doesn’t have to cost a lot and you don’t have to do it all yourself. Be creative, allow others to help plan and share their passions and talents, and be sure to share what you love too. Don’t over think it, just do it. Gather your girls and go have some fun. Be intentional and make it a habit—you won’t regret it!

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  1. I just finished reading my Fall Issue – I really enjoyed it… Time with a purpose is something that I strive for on a daily basis. This summer I took watercolor classes and found it to be a great way to destress. I still paint at least once or twice a week for a short period, it’s kind of like my bible time, allows me to be creative, slow down and reflect. My next effort would be to gather with others to create, as I agree that could be a positive experience.

    1. Carole, I’m glad you found a creative outlet you enjoy! And yes, share what you love with others, I always find it fills my heart to share what I love!

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