THE JOYFUL LIFE is a quarterly lifestyle print publication for Christian women seeking the authentic JOY found by inviting JESUS into our everyday lives.

Our goal is to help women find the joy and see the beauty in every area of their lives – home, work, marriage, motherhood, family, friendship, fellowship, and community. It’s a publication about REAL LIFE…as raw, vulnerable, beautiful, fragile & joyful as it is.

We hold fast to the truth that Christ is the only source of true and authentic JOY and that it’s only by walking closely with Him that we are able to rejoice and be glad in each and every day and circumstance. We lean on this truth as the foundation and guiding principle of our publication and company.

We believe joy can be embraced by every woman and we aim to be a treasured source of encouragement, inspiration & community in your journey toward living a joyful life.