Our Mission

The Joyful Life inspires women to pursue joy and discover beauty in their daily lives by grounding their hearts in Christ, leading them to live and love well—for the purpose of glorifying God.

Our Magazine

Our goal as a magazine, and as a company, is to provide you with content, inspiration, resources, and products that will draw you into a closer walk with Christ so that you will be equipped to experience authentic joy in every area of your life!

We are committed to a standard of excellence in written content, imagery, aesthetic, and design. It is important to us that the quality of the publication itself reflects the quality of what is contained throughout the pages. Because of that, we have chosen a luxury print quality that complements those standards and results in a collectible volume of quarterly journals.

We are a predominantly reader-supported publication with no more than 5% of our total content comprised of ads from carefully selected sponsor partners.

The Joyful Life is not just a beautiful magazine—it is the inspiration for a faith-driven movement.