Amanda Albert


I am passionate about people and I love using my camera to show god’s glory. I am a world traveler, adventure seeker, military wife and a dog mom of two crazy pups. See more of Amanda’s work at

Kristy Berends


Kristy Berends is a lifestyle and wedding photographer residing in Southern California. She is a Christ follower pursuing a growing faith and trust in Him and actively involved in a wonderful church. She has been married for 10 years to her dream man and they have two young sons together, ages 8 and 5. You can see more of her work at

Molly Cable


Although life can be crazy, Molly has found that documenting it with photography can bless others and remind her of all the ways God loves her. Whether at home with her hubby and three girls, or on a trip anywhere that requires a passport, her camera is in hand to make permanent memories of it all. Because she truly believes the messy, joyful, dirty, and real moments of life are full of His presence. You can view more of her work at or on Instagram @molly.kathleen.documentary.

Ashley Cady


Ashley is a photographer who lives in beautiful Arizona with her husband, David, of 13 years. Together they raise their 2 boys (10 & 8), and 1 girl (6). Ashley has been in love with photography for as long as she can remember and loves to use her passion to bless and encourage others. Most importantly, photography has been a way to connect to the beauty of God’s creation and to life’s everyday miracles that sometimes go unnoticed in this busy world. When she isn’t drinking coffee you can find her dragging her family outside to see another amazing Arizona sunset.

Liz Drennan


Liz loves the Lord and using her camera to showcase the beauty of His creation through family lifestyle photography. Liz lives in AZ with her husband, three kids, and two dogs. They love to go hiking and explore new places. Liz enjoys using family portrait photography as a way to share God’s love for family while showcasing them in the beauty of His landscapes.

You can view more of her work at or on Instagram @lizdrennanphotography.

Morgan Hibbs


Hi! I’m Morgan, I am a believer growing in my faith day after day. I am married to Chris, my best friend and the goofiest person I know. I am mommy to Baker Grace, our bright and hilarious 2-year-old. I love traveling with my family, eating new food, dancing in the kitchen, and wearing leggings (who doesn’t?!) Photography is the creative outlet the Lord brought to me in 2019, for which I couldn’t be more grateful. You can view more of Morgan’s work on Instagram @morganhibbsphotography or her website at

Julie Jablonski


Julie is a hope-filled creative who loves to capture bits of beauty with her camera and in sharing, point others to the Creator of all things. She lives in beautiful Southeastern Wisconsin with her husband of 29 years, David, who is absolutely the love of her life. They have two grown children, Andy and Alissa – one of them out of the nest and the other, flapping their wings on the edge. Julie loves to read, write, and to take on artistic endeavors, usually with a cup of hot coffee or tea close at hand.

Nancy Janiga


Nancy is a still life and nature photographer living in West Michigan where she enjoys long walks on the beach of beautiful Lake Michigan or the wooded trails in a nearby state park.  She also enjoys coffee shops and antiquing in many of the quaint shoreline small towns. She lives with her husband, Bob, and together they raised 2 grown sons who have families of their own. God has also blessed them with 2 lovely granddaughters and 4 great-grandchildren.

Spending time with family brings Nancy the most joy in life. Capturing life’s moments with her camera also brings her joy as it has helped her to focus on all the simple gifts that we have in life that would otherwise go unnoticed. You can follow her creative work on Instagram at @nan_iga.

Kathryn Johnson


Kathryn Johnson is a natural light photographer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializing in family lifestyle, newborn, and boutique school portraiture. A non-profit founder, homeschooling mom, and drinker of Earl Grey tea, Kathryn’s joy is being mom to her two miracles, Norah and Pax. View more of Kathryn’s work on Instagram at @kathryncjohnsonphotography or her website at

Nicole Moore


Nicole is a Jesus-loving Canadian living the dream on the Central Coast of California with her American husband, Hyatt, and their four amazing, fun and challenging kiddos. As a creative, book-nerd enneagram 7, she loves to adventure through life with her camera in tow, seeking out dreamy light, God’s geo-caches in nature, and unveiling the truth-filled beauty in life’s everyday mess.

You can view more of her work at and on Instagram @storytreestudios.

Pam Scott


Pam is a hobbyist photographer who finds great joy in capturing the beauty in the ordinary everyday moments of life. She lives with her husband of 38 years in Sunny Southern California. They have four grown children and two grandsons. You can view more of Pam’s work on Instagram at @pjscott6.

Rhadonda Sedgwick


Rhadonda lives in northwest Illinois with her church planter/pastor husband, Jon. Rhadonda enjoys exploring different areas of creativity but the most joy comes with spending time with family, sitting around a fire pit or playing games! You can follow her creative work on Instagram @Rhadonda.

Jenna Wade


Even though God has gifted us with an opportunity for life beyond this one with Him, there is this short window of time with one precious life here. It brings me such joy to document that life and to stand in awe of His Creation. The highlights for me are being a Firefighter’s wife, mom to a tender-hearted ten-year-old boy and a vivacious seven-year-old girl, and Dr. Pepper—it definitely makes my highlight real.

View more of Jenna’s work on her website at on Facebook @JennaWadePhotography or on Instagram @wade.and.wander.

Carolyn Watson

CREATIVE TEAM | cover Photographer

Carolyn and her husband, Jim, have been married for 39 years and live on the Central Coast of California. They raised three daughters who have blessed them with nine beautiful grandchildren. Carolyn and Jim love camping adventures together and spending time with family. Carolyn loves working with women at her church and encouraging them to go deeper in their walk with Jesus. She is a photographer and loves pretty much all things creative. You can find some of her creative ventures on Instagram @sixteenmilesout and on her blog, as well as displayed throughout The Joyful Life website.