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Pinterest has become a go-to source for all things creative and beautiful, offering a trove of vibrant inspiration. And with the holidays arriving before we know it, fall is the perfect time to host a Pinterest crafting party! 

The cooling weather makes fall the perfect time for a cozy and relaxing night-in before busy festivity schedules commence. Tackling those pinned homemade Christmas gift ideas or do-it-yourself décor is the best excuse to gather with girlfriends around yummy food and bring some of those long-forgotten pins to life! Here are a few ideas to help you host a Pinterest-worthy craft extravaganza.



Assess your crafting space and budget to determine how many women you’d like to attend. Will you need to borrow a couple of large tables to accommodate your guests and crafts? How much are you able to allot for food, crafting materials, and party decor. Once you’re comfortably set on the number of guests you can host, determine your guest list. Consider thinking outside your typical circle by inviting someone who is new to your neighborhood or church. Pray about who might be particularly blessed by being introduced to new friends, or which friends may be in desperate need for a night away.


Your Pinterest party invitations can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. If you enjoy cardmaking, craft and send homemade snail mail. Your friends will love the surprise arrival and you may even spark their creativity as well! If card-making is not your thing, opt for an email invitation or create a Facebook group for your party guests to keep all the location time and details in one accessible spot. A Facebook group also provides a space for questions to be asked and answered and guests to post pin links in advance to ignite creative inspiration!


There are a variety of options for how to plan the party crafts. You may decide on a craft or two that the whole group can make together. Everyone can pitch in a set amount, allowing for supplies to be purchased in bulk. This makes for a cohesive party atmosphere as everyone is working on the same thing. It can be fun to see the variety of outcomes on a single project and for everyone to go home with the same creation.

Maybe you’d prefer more variation to your party experience. Invite everyone to bring their own project and needed supplies. This option provides your guests with the opportunity to choose and complete one of their own pinned ‘someday’ ideas. Or perhaps they have a set-aside project they’d love the chance to finish. Opting for individual crafts alleviates the need to shop for enough supplies to cover the whole group as well as the additional burden of collecting money from everyone. Just be sure to provide your guests with enough advance notice to gather the materials they’ll need. It’s also helpful to find out what they plan to make to be sure you have enough room and can arrange your party area to fit their needs (space, outlets, etc.). 


You may choose to purchase or make all the food yourself in an extra effort to serve or allow your guests to come without the additional effort of bringing food, or maybe invite each guest to bring a favorite snack or treat to share—perhaps even something made from a Pinterest recipe!

For an extra taste of autumn, consider having a pumpkin-themed dessert and snack menu with pumpkin soup, pie, sweet-bread, lattes, and muffins. You can do anything from a lavish feast with fun, Pinterest-inspired table decor to make your guests feel extra special or you can keep the menu casual and simple, keeping the focus on fellowship and crafting.

Whatever you decide, be sure to consider foods that can be left out throughout the day/evening or kept warm in a crockpot.


Keep the atmosphere fun, inspiring, and stress-free by adding some thoughtful touches like lit candles, light music, and general supplies that they may not have brought along (craft glue, paintbrushes, scissors, tape, hot glue, etc.). It may be nice to lay out some old newspapers for guests to feel comfortable tackling a messy project without hesitation of damaging your work areas.

Take some time to tidy up before your guests arrive, but don’t go overboard; crafting can get messy so save your cleaning energy for after the party. Be sure to plan plenty of time; it’s best to plan for an all-day party, or set aside at least a few hours to give everyone enough opportunity to finish a project or two with spare time to eat and relax together. If possible, clear your home of kids and your husband for the day. Making it a gals-only party is a treat for friends who may really need a rejuvenating time away.


Hosting a fall Pinterest party can be such a fun and practical way to spend a day or evening getting lost in creativity and conversation. You and your friends may enjoy it so much you might consider making it an annual tradition or monthly gathering, rotating houses. It’s a unique opportunity for fellowship and helps everyone stay on top of projects they’ve been aspiring to accomplish. Check your calendar and get started—happy pinning and planning!

Photos by Loralie Hoffort | @highwoodroad


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  1. I love the idea of everyone bringing their own craft, whether one they’ve been wanting to try or one they’ve set aside. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration! This is something I feel like most of us can do without too much pressure (or, as you mentioned, housecleaning).

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