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CAPTURING THE WONDER | Celebrating the Gift of Emmanuel—God With Us by Aimée Walker

Even with all its extravagance, the holidays can often leave us weary under the weight of all the season holds. But what if this year was different? What if you could set aside the fleeting hustle and exchange it for something eternally precious? What if you could capture the wonder of Christ anew and walk with restored strength and perspective this Christmas?

While the carolers sing that Christmas is ‘the most wonderful time of the year,’ the truth is, it doesn’t always feel that way. As we approach Christmas Day, so many things—the busyness, the expense, the memories—can pile up and make us feel that it is anything but ‘the most wonderful time.’

It was no different for the people we read of in Scripture. The cast of characters who found themselves part of that very first Christmas had their own disappointments, struggles, and dreams—and they, too, needed to be reminded of the truth that their Savior is Emmanuel—God with us.

In this two-week study, we’ll explore the opening chapters of Luke’s gospel, returning to the scene of Christ’s birth to capture it with fresh eyes and renewed wonder. We’ll be reminded that just as God intervened in the lives of these ordinary men and women—speaking His promises into their circumstances—so He wants to speak into our circumstances and offer us the precious gift of His presence.

The full-color, wire spiral-bound study guide is 5.5 x 8.5 and perfect for personal study as well as within a group setting. Each day guides you through Scripture reading, in-depth teaching on the daily passage, a time of reflection, and then leads you toward personal application of the teaching through response questions. 

With Capturing the Wonder, you won’t feel confined to an Advent schedule or holiday timeline—this is the perfect catalyst to pause, prepare, and encourage your heart this season, anytime leading up to Christmas (and even after!).


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