Everyday Joy | Volumes 1 & 2 Bundle


WE’VE COMBINED OUR BEST-SELLING EVERYDAY JOY DEVOTION BOOKS INTO A VOLUME 1 & 2 BUNDLE! Purchase both together to save on shipping. This bundle makes the PERFECT gift for any woman!

JOY. Sometimes in the busyness and brokenness of life, it can feel like an elusive dream—something that despite our earnest attempts, seems just out of our reach. 

But the true eternal joy our souls crave isn’t manufactured, nor does it exist merely when circumstances feel pleasant. Joy is the state of a heart convinced of Truth and captivated by its grace and comes by the work and power of the Holy Spirit. We are invited in. It is waiting to be discovered—to be grown and cultivated even—in the soil of our everyday lives. 

INSIDE THESE BOOKS you’ll find thoughtfully crafted devotions to help you discover and pursue the authentic, lasting joy found in Christ—every day.

Features include:

  • 5.8 x 8.3 Casebound Hardcover and 220 interior pages adorned with beautiful hand-drawn flourishes.
  • 100 of our favorite devotions written by our incredible devotion writer team, with an intentional focus on areas of Marriage, Motherhood, Relationships (friendships, community, church), Identity (purpose, calling, work), and Faith & Spiritual Growth.
  • Scripture thoughtfully paired with each devotional reflection to ground your heart in Christ.
  • A practical Call to Action following each devotional, encouraging you to bring to life the truths unpacked. 
  • Topic Tags, Author Index, and Topical Index to easily discover thoughts by category or author.
  • Perfect personal devotion companion or would be great to go through with a friend or women’s group!

FOR ORDERS OF 5 OR MORE COPIES: Use the code ‘everydayjoy10‘ for 10% off your copies of the book.

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