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FOOTSTEPS OF FAITH | Lessons from the Life of Abraham by Aimée Walker

Faith. Sometimes it feels like we possess enough to move mountains, and other times we can feel tossed around and bruised by the waves of doubt. But what does the kind of steady faith that pleases God look like in the practicality of our everyday lives?

God provides us examples to follow, namely in the life of Jesus Christ, but also in faithful believers who have walked before us, carving a path for righteousness. In Romans 4, Paul encourages us to embrace Abraham as a spiritual ‘father’ and urges us to follow in his footsteps of faith.

In this two-week study, we’ll retrace those steps, considering the highs, lows, ins and outs of his journey, to discover how faith is lived out. We’ll learn how we—like Abraham—can walk in faithful obedience to God. Together, we’ll examine the multi-faceted nature of faith and unpack the blessings that are now ours because Abraham chose to believe God and His promises. 

Through this study, you’ll gain a richer understanding of the life of Abraham, the essence of faith as seen through his story, and be encouraged to cultivate it in your own. We pray you’ll be inspired to not only follow in the footsteps of faith that Abraham has left for us but also to leave a legacy trail full of your own.

The full-color DIGITAL study guide is delivered as an 8.5 x 11 PDF. This study guide is perfect for personal study as well as within a group setting.

*Printing — We encourage you to print the PDF file and either have it spiral bound yourself or hole punch it and secure in a binder.

**Please Note — digital products are non-refundable. Your digital study will be delivered via email for immediate download upon purchase.

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