Issue 12 | BECOME | Fall 2021


The fall print publication of The Joyful Life Magazine will orient our gaze toward the beautiful growth and change that the Lord is working in our hearts and our homes. We’ll be challenged to lean on Christ as we intentionally pursue our own sanctification, and we will be encouraged as we see the redemption and restoration that God is always orchestrating in the world and in our lives. We will be reminded to choose gratitude, as we witness and recall the ways God is achieving our growth and sanctification through both big, life-changing moments as well as daily, mundane moments.

We’ll consider practical and spiritual ways to press into becoming the women God has created us to be—pursuing what is good and leaning on the Spirit to bring about our sanctification—as we seek to faithfully follow Jesus in our homes and our relationships; in our work and our rest; in our praying and our hoping.

This fall quarter, we want to encourage our readers to be reminded that it is only by the power of the Spirit that we are changed, we are brought from death to life, we are introduced as a new creation, and we are encouraged to intentionally pursue growth for His glory.

Our hope is that The Fall Issue, BECOME, will compel you to lean on the Lord as you walk in obedience and faith in whatever season you are in. We pray your hearts and homes would be filled with the warmth and beauty of God’s grace, mercy, and steadfast love. May you continually fix your minds on what is true, pursue what is lovely, and set your affections on the only One who is worthy.


  • 10 Strategies to Love Your Child Well Through Mental Illness
  • Becoming the Mom God Created You to Be
  • If I’m Already Forgiven, Why Do I Need to Confess My Sins?
  • God’s Faithfulness Through a Health Crisis
  • PMS: Debunking the Myth
  • Seeking Goodness, Giving Thanks: Projects to Cultivate Gratitude
  • DIY Mini Fabric Pumpkins
  • DIY Candle Making 
  • How to Host a Chili Cookoff
  • IN EVERY ISSUE | From Our Kitchen: Chili Recipes
  • IN EVERY ISSUE | Heart-Strong Christian Women Interview Series Featuring Laura van Dyk of God’s fingerprints
  • IN EVERY ISSUE | History of the Hymn
  • & Much More!

You won’t want to miss this beautiful Fall issue!


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