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THE POWER OF QUIET | Discovering the Strength of a Peaceful Soul by Aimee Walker

We often associate great faith with the ability to do great things – with taking risks and ‘stepping out’. But great faith also exists in places of quiet, in the ability and willingness to be still and wait.

Based on Isaiah chapter 30, this two-week series is all about slowing down in order to hear and heed God’s invitation to find our rest in Him. Join us as we discover His goodness and empowering strength from a quiet place of trust.

The full-color study guide is 5.5 x 8.5 and spiral bound. This study guide is perfect for personal study as well as within a group setting.

Each day of the study, Aimee guides you through scripture reading, in-depth teaching on the daily passage and a time of reflection, and then leads you toward personal application of the teaching through response questions.


This study was completed together within THE JOYFUL LIFE COMMUNITY GROUP February 4-15, 2019. However, this additional written and video teaching and encouragement is still available! Find all of Aimee’s bonus POWER OF QUIET material in Unit 2 of our Learning section, HERE.

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12 reviews for The Power of Quiet Study Guide | PRINT

  1. Kaye

    This study came at exactly the right time for me. I have been through such a prolonged season of busyness and knew when I saw the title that it was a study that was going to have an impact on me. The study was so rich and I found myself looking forward to it every day. I also found myself continuing to consider what I had studied throughout the day, which is not typical of me. The video teachings within the community group were such a special additional to the daily study. Aimee’s ability to draw personal application out of the text and offer it to us in such an encouraging way is truly a gift. I can’t wait for the next study!

  2. ccappel4

    The Power of Quiet is a great Bible study! Aimee does a great job. ❤

  3. Mac

    The Power of Quiet is a very thoughtful and powerful study of Isaiah 30. The questions really challenge you to approach God honestly and lovingly highlight areas for growth. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next one.

  4. Monique Radford

    The Power of Quiet has been the best Bible study I have ever used in my 30 years of leading a small group. Aimee Walker is a gifted writer. Her comprehensive knowledge of the Bible coupled with her ability to engage deep personal application makes this study well suited to small groups.
    I loved how the ladies in my small group could choose from a paper or digital version. (9 chose paper and 3 chose digital) We also played the daily videos from the FB page which added another whole layer to our study.

  5. Rae M

    I found this study to be very thought provoking as it is hard to be quiet in a busy world. I found the part about waiting very encouraging. I love the depth that Aimee goes to and how each day has treasures of it’s own.

  6. Katie L

    This study helped me see clearly the strength I get from God when I lean on Him and communicate with Him regularly. Aimee’s prayers are sweet and very thoughtful. I’m looking forward to the next study!

  7. Melanie Medina

    The timing of this study was spot on. I love the look and feel of the artwork and pages. This is a book I will refer to for years to come!
    Thank you for creating such a precious tool for my heart. I can’t wait until I get ENOUGH!

  8. Cathy Baker

    I love this study — both its simplicity and depth. Aimee’s section is insightful and the questions that follow are thought-provoking. The only reason I’m giving it four stars is that I wish it covered more than two weeks, especially if you’re paying for shipping. But this won’t keep me from ordering it in the future. I’ll just use the digital option instead.

  9. Cheryl

    I am doing a second round I have read Isaiah 30 several times and learn something new every time. This is just what I needed to hear during this time in my life.

  10. Teri Scott

    I enjoyed the Quiet study very much. The title ‘Quiet’ and beautiful booklet got my attention on Facebook and I’m so glad it did. I was so blessed by it guided me to the Lord. Aimee’s videos and encouragement was my favorite part! She is a wonderful teacher.

  11. Shelly

    This study came at such an appropriate time. My husband got laid off permanently in December and is now in the long hiring process of another job, which seems like it is taking forever! We did the study together, and it is simply wonderful. In fact, Aimee’s writing made me longing for more! This study helped us keep our focus on God and His timing and gave us reassurance that He has us no matter the circumstances. I think we both have more confidence in the waiting now, which truly does quiet our souls.

  12. Carolyn V Watson

    In addition to all of these other good things written about the study, the Joyful Life takes such care in putting out a quality product. Everything they offer is very high quality.

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