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SELAH MOMENTS | Sacred Pauses for your Soul by Aimee Walker

Life is busy and the constant demands on us can feel overwhelming. Amid the blur of frenzy, it’s easy to lose heart and clarity.

Slowing down feels like a luxury we can’t afford and in all the noise, we no longer know how to be present with God and in what He is doing in our lives. The result is we can end up feeling like a spectator of our own life rather than an active mindful participant.

The Psalmists beckon our awareness, inviting us to Selah. Some 73 times, the Psalms are punctuated by this curious and often oddly-placed term. Rather than forming an integral part of the narrative, Selah was a technical, musical-directive that allowed for a pause—an interruption to, or an accentuation of, the lyrics. Selah pauses were designed to give us a moment to stop and ponder the importance and truth of what had just been said.

In this two week study, we’ll explore the first twelve of the Selah Psalms, digging into their background and the specific uses of these intentional sacred pauses. We’ll accept the authors’ invitations to break and reflect on the written words and our own narratives, as well as the beauty of God’s activity in them.

We’ll learn the beautiful paradox that pausing doesn’t actually halt progress, but rather gives unexpected life and harmony to the chaos around us. Selah is a vital means of engaging in the presence of God, no matter our circumstances.

The full-color, wire spiral bound study guide is 5.5 x 8.5 and perfect for personal study as well as within a group setting.

SPECIAL FEATURE OF THE SELAH MOMENTS STUDY | Included are custom designed, hand-illustrated coloring pages by Tasha Wiggington to aid your intentional moments of Selah.


Your purchase includes access to a private Facebook group. This group will provide additional daily teaching and encouragement (both written and video) by Aimee, as well as the opportunity to connect with others over the study in a more intimate setting. Each day of the study, Aimee will guide the group through Scripture reading, in-depth teaching on the daily passage, a time of reflection, and then lead you toward personal application of the teaching through response questions.

ORDER DEADLINE FOR COMMUNITY GROUP STUDY | Print study guides MUST be purchased by June 20th, 2019 in order to ship in time to arrive for the group start date of July 8th, 2019. Print orders may be placed after June 20th, but the study guides are not guaranteed to be delivered in time for the group start date if ordered after the 20th. If you would like to participate in the community group study and you have missed the print order cut off—you may wish to purchase the digital version instead.

PLEASE NOTE | All orders of SELAH MOMENTS made prior to June 20th, 2019 are pre-orders and will ship when the group study books ship on June 28th.

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