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It’s easy to let the Thanksgiving-themed decorating slide with so much else packed into one meal around the table. But we don’t think creating a gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescape should be harder than cooking the feast. So we’ve come up with 5 budget-friendly DIY ideas that will surely create the perfect setting to gather around your harvest meal with beloved family and friends and give thanks.

Nestled amid the busy weeks leading up to Christmas, Thanksgiving offers us the opportunity for some respite; an intentional time to reflect and be grateful for all that we have and for the many blessings God has allowed. Although our hearts long to pause on this day of feasting, there is also much work that must be done in preparation for gathering with those we love. With so much to do, it’s easy to let our Thanksgiving-themed decorating slide. But we don’t think creating a gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescape should be more work than cooking the feast.

We’ve come up with five simple, budget-friendly, and inspirational DIY projects that are sure to create the perfect atmosphere to gather around your harvest meal and give thanks with beloved family and friends.

Dipped Mason Jar Luminaries

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Set the mood around your holiday table with the warmth and sparkle of these simple and beautiful dipped luminaries. Surround the base with some garland or loose faux leaves for an extra-special touch!



1 | Open string lights and insert the batteries. Check to be sure lights work properly and then switch off. Brush a light coat of gray or white paint over the battery pack to keep it from being highly visible in the jar. Set aside to dry.

2 | Cover roughly 3/4 of the jar with painter’s tape, leaving the lid and top fourth exposed. Be sure your top piece of tape creates a straight line around.

3 | Stand the jar upside down onto newspaper and lay out the lid and rim pieces. Spray with white spray paint and let dry. Carefully remove the painter’s tape to reveal the dipped appearance. (While you can certainly dip these instead, this process creates a cleaner finish.)

4 | Switch the string lights on and load them into your painted jar, keeping hold of the battery pack. Fluff the lights in order to fill out the jar and put the lid on.

5 | Tip the jar upside down and the battery pack should rest at the bottom with the pretty lights sparkling throughout.

[Adapted from Joann.com]

Gratitude Conversation Starters


The holidays provide a wonderful opportunity for sharing heartfelt thanks with those around our table. We’ve created this easy DIY to help initiate and encourage meaningful conversation in a fun way. Even better, these gratitude-focused conversation starters double as beautiful tablescape decor.



1 | If desired, spray paint jar rim and let dry.

2 | Wrap burlap or ribbon around the jar and hot glue to the jar. Overlap the pieces of ribbon and hot glue at the crossing point.

3 | Arrange leaves or artificial flowers at the ribbon crossing point and hot glue into an arrangement.

4 | Print our downloadable conversation starters onto colored cardstock and cut into strips on dotted lines.

5 | Wrap strips, one at a time, around a pencil (text side down) to create a ribbon curl effect. Arrange curled strips in the jar and add the gold rim without the lid. Allow the strips to come out the top making it easy for guests to pick out.

Stem Tags


Try a new take on table place cards with these darling stem tags that can double as glass markers!


  • Cardstock
  • Hole Punch
  • Twine


1 | Type your holiday guests’ names in a pretty script font and print on cardstock.

2 | Cut out in tag shapes and hole punch the end.

3 | Use twine to tie tags around the base of each guest’s water glass stem.


Thankfulness Table Settings


Gather a few simple items and create this elegant, hands-on place setting to beautify your Thanksgiving tablescape.



1 | Download and print our ready-to-use thankfulness place setting cards onto kraft paper.

2 | Layer the flower and eucalyptus stems, pencil, and thankfulness card on top of the cloth napkin. Wrap together with twine.

Wooden Placeholder Blocks


These darling weathered place holder blocks are versatile enough to use year-round and in a variety of different ways including food labels, name placeholders, and a decorative display of sayings, verses, or quotes.


  • 2×4 Board, cut into 4.5 in. pieces (a standard 8-ft. board will yield about 21 blocks)
  • White Spray or Acrylic Paint
  • Sanding Block
  • Brown or Gray Stain
  • Foam Brush and Paper Towel
  • Label Cardholders
  • Desired Label Words, printed and cut to size


1 | Roughly sand your blocks for a smooth painting surface and to ease corners and edges. Wipe clean.

2 | Cover all sides of each block with white spray or acrylic paint. A second coat may be necessary.

3 | Once dry, use a sanding block to distress the corners, edges, and part of the front face of each block. Wipe clean.

4 | Apply a small amount of stain to distressed areas and wipe off with a paper towel. This will leave just enough color behind to create a weathered appearance.

5 | Attach label cardholders and fill with desired words to dress up your Thanksgiving table!

[Adapted from Shanty-2-Chic.com]


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