I didn’t even realize how tense I’ve been until my shoulders finally drooped with relaxation and I let out a contented sigh. Delight. The cozy, hunkered-down-with-beauty and soul-nourishment kind of delight. That was my first reaction upon experiencing “The Gathering Table.” The weight of this year’s destruction and disappointment seems to have almost become part of me and I’d unknowingly adapted to the new normal. But I’ve found beauty to be a powerful antidote to many-a-trouble—likely because good things come straight from God.

God is clearly at work in and through the lives of the five midwest darlings that make up The Gingham Apron, and the work of their hearts and hands have revived me in a difficult season. The beauty I found in “The Gathering Table” has shed some of those extra, unwanted, pounds of burden and I’m refreshed and inspired anew. 

At first flip, it appears a hearty cookbook, stocked with simple delicious recipes alongside inviting photos. It certainly is that, but so much more. This comprehensive treasure contains more than a peek inside an entire year of gatherings put on by this charming Iowa farm family. A family, I’m fairly certain I’d fit right into. Each sister, along with mom/mom-in-law, Denise, authors various portions and by the end they’re your best friends and you feel like you’ve spent all year together!

Oftentimes, pretty pages like these will snag my attention and make my heart swoon with possibility. But I’m quickly deflated when met with the unrealistic incorporation into my ordinary life. That’s not what I felt when immersed in the pages of “The Gathering Table.” I was inspired, encouraged, invited in. And while still swooning over content, my feet remained firmly planted in reality. I deeply desired to make our “home” and its rhythms better and more honoring, rather than changing our home to look and function more like someone else’s.

Without a doubt, my favorite section of the book is “Fall.” It’s my happiest time of year, so discovering new ways to regard it in light of Scripture and celebrate the unique gifts the season affords invigorated my hostess-heart. With new simple yet scrumptious recipes, gathering ideas, and “Apron Application” to try, I feel instantly equipped for an Autumn of wholehearted togetherness. Whatever season you flourish (or even flounder) in, this treasured resource will not leave you feeling overwhelmed, less-than, or urged to make superfluous purchases to craft special memories. I’m confident you’ll feel just as prepped, delighted, and eager to welcome and love others around your table.

Here’s just a tasting of what you’ll find within “The Gathering Table”:

  • Seasonally-themed doable recipes with accompanying photos
  • Unique and customizable gathering ideas centered on fellowship and building connections
  • Important biblical principles and exhortations to be present and intentional
  • Coordinating devotionals and prayers
  • Application prompts
  • Charming stories from the farm
  • An invitation to slow down and embrace relationships while you taste and see just how good our God is
  • Oh, and how could I forget? The Gingham Apron gals uncovered a poetic treasure in Grandma’s antique clock that beautifully sums up the essence of home (and this book). They share it with readers at the end. I won’t spoil the treat for you, but it so sweetly enlivened me that I’d have to recommend you both start and end with this bonus adornment.
  • You won’t find another lifestyle book quite like this one, friend—a one-stop-shop for food and family that you’ll return to season after season, year after year. It is practical cookbook, meets hospitality handbook and homestead devotional, peppered with all the best of entertaining and family-tradition inspiration!
  • Grab your copy today, then welcome, gather, and connect tomorrow!


The Gingham Apron

We are five women from one Iowa farm family who love to find new ways to celebrate everyday life together. Join us as we plan family gatherings, try new recipes, take care of our homes, and educate our kids. We cherish our beautiful family farm, our time spent with our family, and most of all-our faith in Jesus Christ.

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